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Marketing Strategy

Working with you we can create a short, medium or long term marketing strategy that is aligned both with the goals of the business and your budget. The marketing strategy is an important document that will help you stay on track.

Fresh Eyes

Often we find that businesses already have a preferred design team, marketing agency or even in-house staff tasked with looking after all the creative needs of the company. One valuable service LMA offers is to provide a fresh pair of eyes over your marketing activity.

Corporate Troubleshooting

Spending too much money on advertising? Not getting the most out of your website? Staff don’t have the relevant training? Every business has areas that can be improved, the team at LMA have the experience to identify the issue and if required, provide the solution.


Marketing at its very essence is the process of engaging clients and prospective customers for them to see and understand your brand, your products, your services and your ethos. Marketing encompasses advertising, brand perception, business development and above all else a driver for sales.

Graphic Design

An all encompassing service from LMA. Irrespective of what you may require design for, from a branded email through to an international advertising campaign we can produce the design to meet your needs.

Brand Creation

One of LMA’s speciality services, if you are branding or re-branding a company then LMA can assist with logo creation, brand guidelines, social media profiles, absolutely anything you require.

Marketing Literature

If you give or send out information to your customers or those you hope to become your customers then it’s imperative that the information is presented in such a way that it will maximise the effectiveness of the literature.